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About us

axonal – biostatem

Expertise and adaptability

For more than 30 years, we have supported our clients in the design, implementation and analysis of their clinical research projects and non-interventional studies. Our strengths are our medical and scientific expertise as well as our ability to adapt to the specificities of each project with :

    • A solid and sustainable company remaining on a human scale
    • Offering European and international coverage
    • Internally covering all areas of clinical and epidemiological research
    • Integrating a permanent regulatory and technical intelligence

Our strengths

French and European leader: AXONAL-BIOSTATEM has been in the TOP 3 independent French Contract Research Organization (CRO) for more than 10 years, successfully present at European and international level.

Our offices are located in Nanterre (92, head office) and in Vendargues, near Montpellier (34). We have representatives in several European countries.


Our hallmark : flexibility, adaptability, active and constructive listening, trust in teams, autonomy and proactivity, parallel mode of operation, curiosity and innovation, strong local roots and global efficiency.


With a Quality Management System that has existed for more than 25 years, our approach is voluntary, structuring and bears confidence and growth. Our procedures are “living” and follow the evolution of clinical research. A clinical or epidemiological research project is always unique: our objective is the success of this project and customer satisfaction remains the best recognition for the entire company.

The historical positioning of AXONAL-BIOSTATEM on non-interventional studies as well as on “ATU” and “RTU”, makes the company one of the experts in the Early Access and Compassionate Access system set up by the ANSM and the HAS*.

AXONAL-BIOSTATEM is also one of the French leaders in studies linked to the SNDS*.


* AXONAL-BIOSTATEM has developed successful partnerships with companies specialized in these 2 subjects.


We have been present and active for more than 20 years within the French (www.AFCROs.com) and European (www.EUCROF.eu) associative and professional companies. This positioning, in a very active professional association environment, allows us to be at the forefront of change. The scientific level of our teams and our managers is one of the strengths of our company. Passion for research and operational efficiency have enabled us to capitalize on the experience of more than 1,000 projects.

The consulting activity is based on a network of senior consultants providing specific expertise in each mission entrusted.


The training offered covers technical aspects of the design and implementation of studies, the regulatory framework for clinical evaluation and methodological subjects in statistics. These training sessions are provided in the form of webinars, “tailor-made” training courses carried out internally at our customers’ premises or in the form of seminars (e.g. EPITEM workshops: www.epitem.org).


axonal – biostatem

Our purpose

Participate in the evaluation of treatments and medical devices, thanks to agile teams where collective intelligence is privileged, in order to facilitate patient access to innovative therapies.

Our expertise is based on two pillars: our experience and our medical ethics. On the one hand, our knowledge of the field – more than 30 years of experience, more than 1,000 studies carried out, more than 130 scientific publications – guides us to propose relevant, feasible, efficient, in short pragmatic protocols. On the other hand, our intransigence in terms of medical ethics guarantees you a rigorous application of the procedures and the contractual and regulatory framework.

Looking to the future
Resolutely turned towards the future, that of the health and medicine of tomorrow, we claim and cultivate a proactive, imaginative and innovative state of mind. Continuously monitoring the responsible digitization of our businesses, including artificial intelligence and data science, we are proactive in our approach to study design and methodology used.

We are only one link in the chain, but at the end of it, there are patients, whose lives depend on access to the innovative therapies that we evaluate. The shared awareness of working together for a vital cause strengthens the solidarity of our teams and their mutual aid. Enthusiasm, benevolence, respect, sincerity and simplicity qualify the relationships that we like to maintain among ourselves and cultivate with all of our stakeholders.

Our agility is a condition of our performance and our sustainability. Because between the client’s project and the goal to be achieved, there is a bridge, which it is up to us to design and build, and its characteristics are always unique. Because as a full-service CRO on a human scale, we choose to adapt to any health product, any therapeutic area and any type of study. And because combined with collective intelligence methods, the agility of our teams feeds their creativity and their continuous improvement in skills.

    axonal – biostatem

    Our missions

    1. Enable medical research stakeholders to obtain reliable and honest data on pathologies, treatments and medical devices.

    2. Facilitate early patient access to innovative therapies.

    3. Offer meaningful assignments to employees, in a flexible, evolving and multicultural working environment, where everyone’s added value is highlighted, within an agile structure that makes interactions more human between us, our customers, the medical teams and all of our national and international stakeholders.

    4. Reduce the environmental impact of our activities and contribute to societal issues in our choice of partners and service providers.