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Opting for a responsible approach cannot be improvised

AXONAL-BIOSTATEM is committed to implementing a Sustainable Development & Corporate Social Responsibility (SD&CSR) strategy in order to take into account the impacts of our activities on society and thus respond to the climate emergency and the social and societal. The implementation of such a strategy also allows us to meet the requirements of our customers and stakeholders for whom the consideration of economic, social and environmental parameters is important.

Our SD&CSR strategy is based on the ISO 26000 standard (latest version in force; 7 central questions) in order to meet environmental, social and economic imperatives, while taking into account the needs and expectations of our stakeholders to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Organizational governance


A Management, a Sustainable Development Director and employees trained, aware and committed to our stakeholders.

Human rights


 An active fight against discrimination, moral and sexual harassment and the promotion of equal opportunities.

Working relationships and conditions


Improved health and safety at work, quality of life at work and transparent social dialogue.



Actions to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, our energy consumption, our single-use waste, our paper consumption, and manage our digital footprint

Fair practices


An active fight against suspicions or proven cases of non-compliant conduct.

Customer relationship


Management of relations with customers and stakeholders in accordance with our quality approach and data protection rules.

Local development


Integration into local associations in favor of clinical research and CSR, solicitation of local external service providers, and implementation of various and varied clinical research projects in France.